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Noir is the third episode of the fifth season of the Shokugeki no Soma anime and is the seventy-sixth episode overall.

Plot Summary

Sōma and Suzuki engage in their Shokugeki with Megumi as the judge: Suzuki bets on taking Sōma's knife if he wins, while Soma bets on learning Suzuki's secret. In a surprise turn Suzuki wins with a superior tonkatsu dish to Sōma's (leading Sōma to accuse him of being just like Subaru Mimasaka), but decides against taking Sōma's knife after deciding it's a poor reproduction of the one he has, which Sōma realizes to his horror is his father's knife. Suzuki admits that he defeated Jōichirō in a Shokugeki, and that his real name is Asahi Saiba – Soma and Megumi realize he shares a surname with Jōichirō. He then leaves the kitchen, stopping to pick up Erina (who was still on the floor after hearing Sōma's declaration) and carry her away. When she wakes, he tells her again of his plans to make her his bride.

Sōma returns to Restaurant Yukihira where he runs into his father. After Sōma attacks him for losing his knife, they discuss the day's events. Jōichirō explains Asahi Saiba was his student/adopted son while he was working in America, who now apparently wants revenge for being abandoned when Jōichirō returned to Japan to start his family. Jōichirō apologizes for dumping his problem on Sōma, but Sōma declares that he challenged Asahi on his own terms and promises to win BLUE and get his revenge on Asahi. Jōichirō reminds Sōma that the secret to becoming a good chef is finding someone to dedicate all of his cooking to.

Later that day, Erina assures Hisako she declined Suzuki's "proposal," while noting she always felt there was something off about him. She is soon contacted by Gin Dōjima, who explains Asahi Saiba is the head of Les Cuisiniers Noirs, an organization of chefs who work for criminal groups. He also reveals this year's BLUE tournament was actually organised by Noir, and warns that they cannot predict what could happen in a food competition that combines the professional world of cooking with the criminal world.

The following night, Erina is visited in her room by the Noir, where Asahi reveals his true identity to her. He offers her the terms of his challenge against Tōtsuki: if Noir wins BLUE, he will make Erina his bride. He reveals he challenged Sōma to a Shokugeki in order to gauge the quality of Tōtsuki's students, and concludes that because he beat the first seat on the Elite Ten it will be easy. Erina declares she will not allow him to insult Tōtsuki nor its students and accepts his challenge, only to quickly learn just from smelling Asahi's food that he is a formidable chef.

Anime and manga differences

  • In the manga, Sōma learns that Suzuki's real name is from his father on the beach right after the Final Exams. In the anime, Asahi Saiba reveals his name immediately after defeating Sōma.
  • Jōichirō calls Asahi only his student, not "his other son", as he did in the manga.
  • In perhaps the most significant departure from the manga so far, Erina's entire kidnapping is skipped: instead, Saiba and his cronies break into her house and reveal their plans, and she is goaded into agreeing to marry him if they win BLUE due to him insulting Tōtsuki and its students. The anime lampshades this by having Erina reference feeling like she is held captive by his cooking after smelling it.


  • This episode's airing on July 17 marked the return of Shokugeki no Sōma after the show was put on hiatus in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting production. It was preceded by July 3 and July 10 re-airings of the previous two episodes.