How to Build A Speciality is the seventy-first episode of Shokugeki no Soma

Plot Summary

As the match goes on Rindō Kobayashi serves a mushroom mille-fuelle and Eishi Tsukasa a Sauce Chevreuil baked in a salt crust. With the dishes wowing the judges, Sōma Yukihira has Erina Nakiri taste his cooking. Per her instructions, he creates a Pate de Campagne, although he modifies it without her knowing. Though skeptical at first, the judges are impressed by his addition of marinated beef, bacon, and yakiniku sauce.

However, Azami Nakiri points out that Sōma and Erina's dishes need to work well together for them to win, and that Sōma prepared his dish like a main course. Sōma reveals that he did this intentionally, and felt that it was the only way to make Erina surpass her limits and create a dish better than his and their opponents.

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Featured Dishes

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