What We Want to Protect is the sixty-second episode of Shokugeki no Soma anime. It is also the first episode of the fourth season.

Plot Summary

Following the uncontested victory of the rebels in the first round of competation, the second begins after the rebels deliberate on who will represent them. The lots end up being Terunori Kuga vs Eishi Tsukasa, Tōsuke Megishima vs Rindō Kobayashi, and Subaru Mimasaka vs Sōmei Saitō. The theme ingredients for the first match is green tea, tuna for the second, and cayenne pepper for the third. Rindō reveals that he will use alligator meat for his dish and Megishima decides to use char siu for his ramen. Recalling how Sōma Yukihira convinced him to join the rebels, Megishima prepars to add cayenne pepper to his dish as Rindō does the same.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Featured Dishes

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