The Basis for Strength is the sixty-first episode of the Shokugeki no Soma anime. It is also the twenty-fourth and last episode (twelfth of the second half) of the third season's Totsuki Train Arc.

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Sōma Yukihira, in his battle against Nene Kinokuni, begins frying his soba noodles, which, as Erina Nakiri says, is yakisoba. Kinokuni presents her dish first 90% Buckwheat Soba Garnished with Sakura Shrimp Kakiage, which the judges comment relfect her tradition. Satoshi Isshiki recalls Kinokuni's immense dedication when she was young, perfecting her family tradition and art. The judges eat or "slurp" the soba noodles, and are amazed by its smooth texture, and the unami of the sakura shrimp. The judges slurp the soba so fast it "disappears" before their eyes. This is because the sakura shrimp paired with the soba, makes the dish feel heavenly. The oil used is white sesame oil, which develops a light finish does doesn't interfere with the shrimp's flavor. The judges finish the soba again, and describe it is "The Soba That Leapt Through Time".

Soma then presents his dish, and the judges are surprised by how the soba flavours are still there. This was because Soma used "Sanbanko" or "Third Flour", instead of Kinokuni's "Ichibanko" or "First Flour". Soma sacrificed the soba's texture in exchange for soba flavor, so that heating would not remove the soba's flavor. Soma then presents seasoning spices, which accentuates the dishes flavour even more. The judges describe Soma's soba as "The fragrance of soba between you and me". After eating Soma's soba, the judges come to an unanimous consensus. Anne asks Kinokuni to taste her soba, and upon tasting, realizes that her soba did not have its usual full flavor potential. However, when she tasted Soma's soba, the flavor was more pronounced. This was because the ambient temperature, which affected the soba's fragrance and flavor.

Kinokuni's soba was light and delicate, and thus it felt the full brunt of the room temperature. However, Soma's soba was deliberately exposed to heat, added with seasoning and flavors; thus the dish's flavour was not affected by the room's temperature. It turned out Soma had seen this coming, whilst Kinokuni had not. This was because Kinokuni was taught to make soba, and did not stop and consider her work. Kinokuni could not understand why Soma could think of the idea to fry soba, in which Soma replied that in a diner, everyday was life or death. This was the basis of Soma's strength, his years spent in his diner allowing him to adapt food to his customer's needs. Soma won the match 3-0. Following this, Megishima also won his battle, allowing from a complete sweep for the Rebels in the first round.

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90% Buckwheat Soba Garnished with Sakura Shrimp Kakiage

Yukihira Style Barley Flour Soba

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