Onward on the Totsuki Train is the fifty-first episode of the Shokugeki no Soma anime. It is also the fourteenth and second episode of the second half of the third season's Totsuki Train Arc.

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The Polar Star Dormitory students are subject to grueling training sessions from Erina in order to help them pass the Promotion Exams.

Seven days before their arrival, Hisako explains to the Polar Star Dorm group how the promotion exam works. They start at the southernmost portion of the island and move further north with each trial passed. The goal is to pass 6 trials ending up at a lone island near Hokkaido. Should they fail any stage of the exam, they will return to Tokyo where they are to be expelled.

During the first trial of the exams the 'rebels' are grouped together, and given ingredients of the lowest quality. Sōma, Alice, Ryō, Megumi, and Yūki are grouped together. The instructor Hiroi tasks them with coming up with a salmon dish. However, their team is being provided with 'hocchare', which has flavor of the lowest quality. 

However they are able to find high quality Tokishirazu salmon, which enables them to come up with Yuan-Style Grilled Tokishirazu that enables them to pass the exam. All the other rebels managed to pass their exams as well.

The survivors of the trials board the Tsukikage to their next destination. Some of the rebels visit Erina to show their appreciation for her help. Soma visits her too, and Erina does not find his company annoying anymore.

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Sōma, Alice, Ryō, Megumi, and Yūki's Yuan-Style Grilled Tokishirazu

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