The One Who Aims for the Summit is the forty-ninth episode of the Shokugeki no Soma anime. It is also the twelfth and last episode of the first half of third season.

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After Azami's statement, Sōma reveals that Jōichirō Saiba is his father and just as he says so, Erina arrives and hears this. Both Erina and her father are shocked to hear this. Takumi questions Jōichirō's identity to which Ryōko reveals that Jōichirō is Sōma's father and also reveals his reputation as a famous chef who once attended their school and held the second seat of the council. Takumi and Hisako are very shocked to learn about Sōma having such a talented father. Yūki then brings up a picture from his last visit to the dormitory. Erina looks at the picture and is shocked to discover that her rival and cooking idol are actually father and son.

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  • In the manga version, Azami's visit to the Polar Star Dorm and Erina's realization of Sōma as Jōichirō Yukihira's son comes during Sōma's celebration party against Eizan.

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