Don Calma
It seems like his leadership ability's quite good! And the theme is teamwork? This chef's perfect for this challenge![1]

Makito Minatozaka on Don Calma's skills

Don Calma () is formally underground chef and one of Asahi Saiba's subordinates. He is also formally member of the Les Cuisiniers Noirs.


Don Calma appears to be a middle-aged man, with light-colored hair, a pair of glasses, and a mustache. Given his participation in BLUE, though, he is at most age 25. He dresses like a bartender, and often carrying a Bocksbeutel wine bottle.


Don Calma is quite effeminate, both in his behavior and manner of speaking.[2] Compared to his squad members, he is much more polite and affectionate,[3]. However, he is arrogant and not above dirty tactics, as he kidnapped Isami Aldini to prevent Takumi Aldini from collaborating with him.[4]

He is a skilled leader, as he can lead and command a number of drag queens to help him in his cooking.[5]


At some point in his life, Don Calma meets Asahi Saiba and decided to follow him.



Don Calma, along with three other Noirs, gathers in Asahi Saiba's base where they are keeping the abducted Tootsuki Headmaster, Erina Nakiri.[6] Throughout the conversation between Asahi and Erina, he appears to be mostly silent,[7] and it was later revealed that he will also be participating in BLUE.[8]

He later appears along with Sarge and Kou Shiō at the Third Gate,[9] revealing to have given a free pass at the First and Second Gate.[10] He's seen smirking, amused at the sudden turn of the event, and surprised at Sarge's decision to cook the Bookmaster's request.[11]

Don Calma boasts his superiority.

Don Calma has then been pitted against Takumi Aldini in a Team Battle match where he stated that if he won, he'll take his cooking tool. The bartender chef then introduced his cooking teammates, a bunch of drag queens, which caused a little commotion in the arena. To prevent Takumi from winning, Don Calma used his henchmen to kidnap Takumi's little brother, Isami Aldini. As he started cooking, he mocked Takumi's lost of partner claiming that he already win before the match is even finished, and boasts his superhuman ability regarding teamwork. Sōma Yukihira'S arrival later, made the Noir silent.[12]

Though few seconds later, Don Calma protested at the notion of Sōma being Takumi's cooking partner as it breaks the rule and asks for the disqualification of the Italian chef. However, a WGO Bookmen approved of the diner chef's participation and threaten the noir of investigation if he keeps complaining which makes Don Calma agreed to that matter, and he continued with his cooking, saying that even with Sōma around, they can't beat his perfect coordination.[13]

Don Calma's dish appear to be a Verrine, the Three Type of Big Sis Greedy Verine, with other a hundred layers, astonishing the WGO judges, declaring that the dish can only be created by him and his perfect coordination with his partners. With numerous approval, the noir then claimed that without his brother, Takumi will never bring out the true value of his mezzaluna.[14]

Don Calma offered his cooking tool to Asahi

Takumi and Sōma's perfect coordination puts Don Calma into panic as it's not within his expectations. He later mocked the duo for their cooking combination, however, as he tasted their dish, he's stunned with its deliciousness. Completely pressured by the audience's reaction, Don Calma breaks down as he can't accept that duo managed to overwhelm him. The noir falls into the grounded, aided by his partners, defeated.[15]

After his defeat, Don Calma offered his cocktail shaker to Asahi.[16]

He appears later in Asahi's match against Megumi Tadokoro where he commented on his master's hobby of collecting knives, akin to a serial killer.[17] He's also present at Asahi's match against Sōma Yukihira,[18] amused at Asahi's weaponry origins,[19] and laughed at Sōma's work decisions though the diner's finishing his dish on-time turned him speechless.[20]

Eventually, Sōma impressing the judges made the bartender chef astonished,[21] and Mana Nakiri being impressed as well was so surprising that he can't believe that it happened.[22]

Asahi's defeat left him, along with his colleagues, in state of awe.[23]

Cooking Style

Don Calma possesses a special cocktail shaker, that has deep grooves all over the sides. These grooves create a foam with every shake, making what ever dish made with it pack a punch while also being very light. This shaker makes him a specialist in verrines.

Cooking Duel Records


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  • It is somewhat hinted at that he's homosexual. What with the way he acts, and the fact that his teammates during the BLUE were all drag queens.


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