The DEF Kitchen is a small culinary school near Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.


The DEF Kitchen has classes to teach young children from grades Kindergarten to the 2nd grade how to cook. There is also a class for housewives and middle aged women. The vegetables used in the classroom are supplied by Satoshi Isshiki who sells the vegetables grown in the Polar Star Dormitory plantation. Satoshi helps the school, usually teaching the housewives class due to his popularity with them. Another woman teaches the children's class.


  • Surprise-Filled Gyoza - A simple dish taught to the DEF Kitchen children by Sōma and Megumi. After catching their attention with their skills, the duo taught the children to make this simple dish that is filled with various fillings to create a medley of different Gyoza for the children to enjoy.


Member Description
Satoshi Isshiki mugshot (anime)
Satoshi Isshiki
Due to the vegetables he harvested from the Polar Star Dormitory's garden, Satoshi is a business partner and vegetable provider to DEF Kitchen. He also teaches the housewives class due to his popularity with them.


Current MembersEdit

Member Description
Shōta mugshot
A young boy who is generally too distracted by the toys he brings to the class. However, Sōma managed to catch his attention after carving an intricate Gundam using nothing but vegetables.
Kanon mugshot
The eldest child in the class. She is usually too stubborn and precocious to even participate in the class. However, Sōma and Megumi gave her the confidence to try and cook even if she may fail.
Ai mugshot
A young girl who cries very easily whenever she makes a mistake. Thanks to Megumi's motherly personality, Ai calmed down and continued to cook.
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