The Cutting-Edge Cooking RS Vs. Central Shokugeki is a notable Shokugeki between Ryō Kurokiba and Rentarō Kusunoki.


As Central was founded, all Research Societies in Tōtsuki Academy were forced to shut down. After the Yukihira Vs. Eizan Shokugeki had ended, Satoshi Isshiki ensured fair judgement in any future Shokugekis, thus initiating the Survivor's Purge.

After the Survivor's Purge commences, members of the Polar Star Dormitory split up to visit all venues and observe Central demonstrate their strength. The follow up shows Soma, Megumi and Takumi arrive at Venue D. They enter and observe as they demonstrate their power as they overwhelm many chefs. It follows to a chef named Kusonoki Rentarou as he mocks the audience for the difference in strength and Soma and Takumi for their diner status. Soon Alice Nakiri and Ryō Kurokiba arrive and Ryō prepares for the Shokugeki. It is revealed that Alice defeated the head of Cutting-Edge Cooking RS in a Shokugeki thus becoming the president of the RS. Rentarō mocks Ryō and he dons his headband.

Battle Edit

The battle begins with Ryō elegantly cutting open the Salmon with incredible precision and speed. But Rentarō doesn't fall far behind rivaling Ryō easily in knife work. Ryō begins to remove the pin bones from the fillets beings to cook rice and molding bread dough. Suddenly Rentarō brings out a secret weapon, a steam convection oven and a cryogenic grinder.

Aftermath Edit

It turns out that out of 33 Shokugekis on the first day of the Survivor's Purge, only the Cutting-Edge Cooking RS was able to grab a victory. On the next day, all defeated Research Societies are demolished.

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