Cutting-Edge Cooking Research Society or Cutting-Edge Cooking RS in short, is one of the school clubs within the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy which specializes on cooking methods that utilize high-tech equipment. It was forced to shut down after Central was founded, but this decision was eventually overruled through a Shokugeki.


As Alice Nakiri defeated Kyōichi Makime in a Shokugeki, she became the president of the Cutting-Edge Cooking RS, a fact she was unaware of. After Azami Nakiri became director of Tōtsuki, he disbanded all Research Societies and Seminars on campus, including the Cutting-Edge Cooking RS. Alice didn't want to overrule the verdict initially, but Ryō Kurokiba challenged Rentarō Kusunoki to a Shokugeki after he provoked them. As Ryō defeated Rentarō, the decision to shut down Cutting-Edge Cooking RS was revoked.



Current MembersEdit

Member Description
Alice Nakiri mugshot (anime)
Alice Nakiri
The president of Cutting-Edge Cooking RS. She became their leader after defeating Kyōichi Makime in a Shokugeki, a fact she was initially unaware of.
Ryō Kurokiba mugshot (anime)
Ryō Kurokiba
<center>Alice's assistant who is normally lazy and passive. However, once he wears his signature headband, he becomes a much more aggressive and intense person. He succesfully defended the club against Rentarō Kusunoki during the Survivor's Purge.
Kyōichi Makime mugshot
Kyōichi Makime
Former president of Cutting-Edge Cooking RS, he lost leadership in a Shokugeki against Alice.



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