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Chinese Cuisine Research Society (中華料理研究会 Chūkaryōri kenkyū kai) or Chinese Cuisine RS in short, is one of the school clubs within the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy which specializes on researching Chinese dishes. It is unknown whether or not this club was disbanded or not, considering Kuga's position as a member of the Elite Ten Council. It is showed to be very active still.


All members cooking with the utmost precision

Originally, this club studied every aspect of Chinese cuisine as the name suggested. However, ever since Terunori's ascension to presidency, he reshaped the club to focus more on specializeing in Sichuan cuisine but they still specialize in all types of Chinese cuisine. In addition, Terunori has trained his Research Society to be able to cook any dish on his menu with such precision, all members can cook a menu dish with no difference in taste from another member. After the first day of the Moon Banquet Festival, the club was ranked first place in the Central Area, and continued to dominate the area through out the span of the festival.[1]



Current Members

Member Description
Terunori Kuga mugshot.png
Terunori Kuga
The president of Chinese Cuisine RS. Terunori is an avid user of Sichuan Cuisine by utilizing "Má" and "Là" as his primary ingredients. Because of this, he attained the 8th seat of the Elite Ten Council and evaluated the reputation of this club as a well-known establishment in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.


  • While it is unknown what became of the RS after Azami called for the disbandment of all clubs and seminars, it can be assumed that it is still active, as the members are shown still working as a team, and under Terunori. In that case, it's reasonable to assume that Terunori won a Shokugeki during the Survivor's Purge, and thus prevented the disbandment of his club.
  • In the case the club didn't get disbanded, it's unknown if it went back to its original state, covering all aspects of Chinese cooking, when Terunori graduated.
  • Almost all of there members are actually skilled at martial arts.