The First Bite's Secret is the 85th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma. This chapter begins the Semifinal Shokugeki between Sōma Yukihira and Subaru Mimasaka.

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Soma cooks the beef tail

Sōma cooks beef tail

The Shokugeki match between Sōma Yukihira and Subaru Mimasaka begins as Gin Dōjima announces himself and four other alumni, namely, Fuyumi Mizuhara, Hinako Inui, Taki Tsunozaki and Sonoka Kikuchi as the judges.

The dish to be cooked was Beef Stew, a Western Style dish. Taki, who heard about Subaru's notoriety and about how he spat gum on Takumi Aldini's Mezzaluna did not have a good opinion of him as she had thoughts of abusing him because she hated how he disrespects a chef's tools.

Several interactions between the former Tōtsuki elites were showcased as when Taki makes fun of Sonoka for her big breasts and insults Hinako despite being her upperclassman and respecting Fuyumi's wishes when she asked that she stop teasing Hinako.

Subaru improvises his beef stew

Subaru begins improvising

As the match intensifies, Sōma improves his dish by using Beef Tail, which has gelatinous components that would add "viscosity" to the stew there by enhancing the mild flavor of the dish, added black pepper and cloves as spices, he also thought of adding vegetable matignon to add sweetness without destroying the dish's balance. Soma's creativity stunned most of the audience and even Erina Nakiri, who doubted Sōma's chances to win had was forced to reconsider her previous judgment on the former.

However, Subaru's actions mirrored Sōma's exactly, to the dismay of the crowd watching the match and to take it a step further via improvisation. He then brought out a huge rack of meat and declared that "this was the time to surpass Sōma".

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