The Man Who Came From A Cold Country is the 53nd chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

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Years ago, in a port town where snow falls, a young Alice offers to show Ryō the world of gourmet cooking that he has yet to see. In the present day, Shōji and Daigo run to Block A to cheer on their fellow dormmates. To their shock, the Block A judges are even harsher than the ones in Block B: the latest curry dish served received only 19 points total, and Natsume Sendawara has yet to give out a single point. The next contestant up is Ryō, and the entire stadium is curious to see what Alice Nakiri's aide can do. Ryō's dish is a spiny lobster curry with saffron rice, presented elegantly despite Ryō's dramatic preparation. Natsume is initially dismissive but is silenced by her first bite, the aroma causing a vision of a deep forest. For the first time in the competition, she takes a second bite. The judges identify the base of his sauce as Sauce Américaine, with a deep woody aroma originating from Cognac. Ryō confirms this, adding that he used "Napoleon-Class" (the highest grade of cognac possible) to add a greater depth. All of the audience, including Erina, are left impressed by their first true taste of Ryō's ability. The judges begin to move to the judging stage, but are stopped by Ryō who, much to Natsume's bewilderment, switches back to his aggressive persona. Providing the judges with droppers of cognac, he instructs them to put the cognac inside the lobster's head and slurp out the brains. While Natsume protests eating in such a "vulgar" fashion, Ryō senses that she can't help but want to dig in. He tells to eat the brains with the roux and rice, at which point the flavor will be incomparable to what it was before. With this, Natsume gives into the temptation, and the resulting flavor sends her conscious into space. To everyone's shock, Ryō receives 93 points, emerging as the dark horse of the competition.

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  • In Natsume's vision of her consciousness flying away, the side of the spaceship has the words "ISE-AB". This is a pun on iseebi (伊勢海老), the Japanese word for spiny lobster.


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