God's Tongue is the 2nd chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

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Erina Nakiri attempts to taste a dish of one of the students in class at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, only to be fumed with disappointment. She then proceeds to scold the whole group for staining her tongue and leaving instantly to her next appointment.

Yoshiaki rage

Yoshiaki goes into a rage after Sōma reveals his identity

Meanwhile, as Sōma Yukihira enters Tōtsuki grounds, he encounters a group of rich students armed with bodyguards and limousines, preparing to take the entrance exams with him. He then meets Yoshiaki Nikaidō, one of the rich students, as he takes a seat with him.

After introducing themselves, Yoshiaki's personality completely changes after Sōma reveals his humble background, kicking him off the bench. Halfway as he states Tōtsuki will only accept someone with high standards, he gets attacked by Sōma. Yoshiaki's bodyguards then attempt to stop the situation at hand.

Erina's arrival at the entrance exams

Erina arrives as an examiner

Later, as all of students gather in a kitchen to undergo the entrance exams, it is revealed that Erina will be the examiner of this exam. The students bemoan their luck as she is renowned for her strict passing mark and huge influence. As she explains her own rules for gaining admission, all the students (aside from Sōma) flee as she finishes, fearing that their names will forever be stained by her words in the cooking industries.

Being the only student left, Sōma asks on whether or not he could take the test, patting Erina on the shoulder. Hisako Arato, Erina's secretary, then backs Sōma off as she explains Erina's regal status. Sōma unmoved, proceeds to cook his dish for Erina.

Annoyed Hisako

Hisako backs Sōma off

As Sōma cooks, Erina asks him on the dish he is preparing. Sōma then reveals the dish to be a Furikake Gohan, a rice dish with sprinkled dried food. Erina and Hisako are both shocked. Erina then attempts to discontinue the exams, only to be stopped by Sōma, as he claims his Furikake Gohan has the capability of transforming. Erina then pauses in question.

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