A Dying Chef is the 284th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the start of the chapter, Asahi challenges Soma to get to the top of the palace, Heaven's Keep. Since Asahi is higher seeded than Soma, he proceeds to a higher part of the palace. In the start of the first phase of BLUE, the people are divided into 3 different challenges. Takumi and Megumi are split amongst those groups and can only meet up after the challenge. Soma's first challenge in the first gate is to make a food suitable for the former Cuisinier Noir to eat. He was admitted to the hospital and so he thought that it would be his last meals as a judge for the prestigious BLUE. The person conducting the events allowed its chefs to ask the person what he wanted to eat as his last supper but he gave answers as he see fit as for example if someone asks him, he has the right to say something irrelevant to the question. He usually didn't give a direct answer to the questions. When chefs decided to give dishes out to the judge, he mainly failed people that didn't satisfy his appetite and dismissed him and their dishes. The Noirs, however, had success in putting out amazing dishes that amazed the judge and put him in a very good mood. Soma, however, had another approach and thought that him saying that it is the last dish is absurd and anyone shouldn't think that.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Featured DishesEdit

  • Rapid-Fire Style Beef Roast Revolver (Les Cuisiniers Noirs chef)

Featured Cooking DuelsEdit

  • None


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