Her Fighting Style is the 239th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

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Megumi finishes with her dish and serves it to the judges. Unlike Momo's flashy dish, Megumi's dish is quite simple- Dorayaki. In disbelief, Yuki notes that it suits her style. Though, Anne looks happy and continues the tasting and notes that the Dorayaki is filled with sweet white bean paste and cubed apples.

Charme notes that Megumi's dish is inferior in terms of both appearance and aroma to Momo's dish. Histoire tells the history of Dorayaki, an 800 year old japanese dish which some sources say has been influenced from the west. Histoire then goes for a bite and to Charme and Anne's shock, he strips after the bite. Charme soon has a bite and is shocked at the taste too and notes that the castella is smooth as silk, the bean paste just melts in mouth and the apple gives acidity. Histoire then reveals that the greatest secret is hidden in the dough of the castella- Apple Butter. Charme notes the difficulty of making such a butter emulsion as it requires too much precision and even professionals find it difficult and hence a special method is to be used. To this, Megumi says that she used the french technique- beurre monté, to emusify butter with water.

Shinomiya teaching Megumi

Shinomiya teaching Megumi

A flashback is seen where Shinomiya is seen teaching Megumi. Shinomiya says that beurre monté is difficult to learn just before the Shokugeki due to less time. Shinomiya is seen shouting at Megumi countless times during the session and Megumi surrenders eventually but is followed up by being cheered by her shoujo manga personality on which Shinomiya says with a smile that although she is the biggest blockhead he taught basics to, she is no idiot. In the present, Charme notes the quality of the dish exemplifies Megumi's fighting spirit. Megumi and Shinomiya are seen as boxer and trainer respectively and hitting Charme metaphorically with apple and butter. Charme concludes that it is still inferior to Momo's dish. Anne sees that Megumi has not yet accepted defeat as the dish is not completed. Anne has another bite and realizes something in the end.

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Megumi Tadokoro's Dorayaki

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Megumi Tadokoro Vs. Momo Akanegakubo


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