Present is the 1st chapter of Shokugeki no Soma ~Le dessert~.

Plot SummaryEdit

After the events of BLUE, the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation students officially enter their third and final year in Tōtsuki, although Sōma's standing remains unknown as he took an indefinite leave before taking the third year exams.

The Autumn Election commences, with Elite Ten Council alumni Terunori Kuga, Satoshi Isshiki, Rindō Kobayashi, Eishi Tsukasa and Kojirō Shinomiya as judges. Megumi notes that there was a sharp increase in entrances among cooks for the masses, two of them being Takai and Terumoto. Rindō and Eishi have done various businesses abroad and decided to return to Japan as Shinomiya's hired help in Shino's Tokyo. Rindō hugs Megumi upon meeting her and tells her about how their batch handled the selection of theme for the Election. Kojirō gets surprised about the preliminary theme being "Diner Food". Megumi said it was suggested by Erina Nakiri and unanimously agreed upon by the Elite Ten. Both Kojirō and Megumi states that Tōtsuki has become welcoming to common cooks, thanks to Sōma's legacy in the academy.

An angry Erina welcomes Megumi as she enters the Director's Room, saying that Sōma did not respond to her emails and she thinks that Sōma will not return for the Autumn Election either. Megumi tells Erina that Satoshi will be holding a reunion party at dinner time, but Erina refuses since she already has a dinner with his family. Megumi notes a change in Erina's personality since she became the headmaster. They then proceed to the stadium with Hisako. In the stadium, several Tōtsuki alumni from the two previous generations are also present.

Meanwhile, Jōichirō appears to the Nakiri household's dinner, saying to Erina he was invited by Mana and Senzaemon. Mana meets Erina, expecting for her dish to be good. After their meal, Mana was delighted by the food Erina served and went to rest. Jōichirō complemented Erina for defeating Sōma and told her the story of how he met his wife, Tamako.

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