Absolute "Thermal" Sense is the 156th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma. This chapter continues the Cutting-Edge Cooking RS Vs. Central Shokugeki.


Continuing the duel, Alice Nakiri explains the functions of Rentarō Kusunoki's equipment while Sōma Yukihira ponders about Rentarō's skill in handling such. Mea Yanai however, shows her confidence in Rentarō's skill as he enters the zone, stating that his specialty lies in heating, particularly in "low-temperature cooking". Rentarō finishes first as he brings out a gleaming dish, his Saumon Confit Flamme.

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Rentarō uses the Salamander

Sōma Yukihira observes Rentarō Kusunoki's cutting-edge appliances and still remains puzzled. He was then reminded again by Takumi Aldini and Alice Nakiri of the functions of the equipment.

Alice further explains the uses of the convection oven albeit Sōma comically, being inattentive for most of her dialogue. Alice finally reiterates that the aforementioned equipment will test the skills of the user. Sōma then ponders Rentarō's skill in handling such equipment as the latter continues his duel with Ryō Kurokiba.

The salmon dish produces a gleam

As Sōma discusses his concerns with Takumi and Alice, Mea Yanai grins at them and tells them of the revelation they were about to witness from Rentarō.

After marinating the salmon fillets, Rentarō cuts them into a few bars and wraps them in bacon. He then wraps the product again with plastic and places it into the convection oven. As Rentarō begins heating his dish, Mea reiterates the latter's strength lies in heating and in "low-temperature cooking".

Rentarō's Saumon Confit Flamme

Rentarō enters the zone as he calms down and finishes his remainder of the dish. Moments after, the salmon fillet is taken out and one of the judges, Kakinoshin Ōizumi exclaims how the salmon glistens compared to its former state. Sōma expresses his amazement as well.

The judges rate Rentarō's skill, and reiterates on having to judge the match fair and square despite having a favor against Central's side as Rentarō serves his Saumon Confit Flamme to them.

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