The True Strength of the Alquimista is the 144th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

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A flashback was shown in which several interviewees stated why they wanted to join Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, and a young Etsuya Eizan blatantly claimed it was so that he could make money.

In the kitchen, Eizan finally starts to prepare his dish. He first places the entire Satsuma Jidori chicken in a pot and turned off the heat after a short while, stating cooking using the residual heat will keep all flavors in the bird. Then he starts stir frying rice with chicken skin to bring up the delicate and rich flavors of chicken oil.

Sōma is amazed that Eizan, who was never shown cooking himself, really can cook. Rindō Kobayashi commented that if Eizan was not so into commercial activities he would have beaten several members of the Elite Ten Council above him.

In a flashback, Hisanao Kageura recalled that the total revenue Eizan made from consulting in his first year far exceeded the total tuition fee of all students that year. The young Eizan perfectly completed more than 500 different consulting cases. He brought so much profit to Tōtsuki that he gained the title of "Alchemist".

Meanwhile Eizan continues to prepare his dishes by cooking various parts of the chicken in the chicken soup, and using the soup to cook rice. He then arrogantly accuses Sōma of ignorance and claims strategy is everything in cooking. Sōma, however, is still undaunted and his dish is near completion. Eizan then realizes Sōma's Gyoza is no ordinary Gyoza.

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