The Pinnacle of Foul Plays is the 142nd chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot Summary

The Polar Star and co spectating the Shokugeki

The Polar Star residents panic when they see Sōma Yukihira's note where he said that he already left to challenge Etsuya Eizan and left some curry in the refrigerator. Shun Ibusaki says that Sōma knows his risks and he does not want everybody in the dorm to be expelled so he rather fight alone. Afterwards, a newsflash appeared where Etsuya has accepted Sōma's Shokugeki.

Meanwhile in a meeting room, Sōma starts preparing the ingredients that he will use. While he is preparing ingredients and Etsuya is casually sitting, Rindō Kobayashi suddenly enters the kitchen to watch them personally after she left her paperwork to Eishi Tsukasa, along with Kuga's who is still absent by that day. After their short talk, they move to the kitchen where the Shokugeki will be held.

Etsuya's group arrive at the dorm early

Etsuya calls a person from Central and told that the judges had arrived on the venue and his subordinates must proceed to the dorm to prepare for its destruction. He also says that he changed his mind and wants the dorm destroyed before the Shokugeki ends.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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