Memories is the 141st chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot Summary

Hisanao informs Etsuya of the cancelled Shokugeki

Etsuya Eizan is in a meeting with the bribed judges, saying that these judges "approve" the Central's ideals. Meanwhile in the Polar Star Dormitory, everybody is still shocked about the recent Shokugeki. Their greatest worry at that moment is that Erina Nakiri will be losing her hiding place. In the Shokugeki Administration Bureau, Hisanao Kageura is also shocked by the recent Shokugeki and became angry of the Central's supression of it. He is visited by Etsuya and asks on the status of the 100 Shokugekis pending. All of those has been ordered by Hisanao to be cancelled.

Yūki cries having to know the dorm's fate is absolute

In the school kitchens, lecturers from outside of the academy has come to intervene with the lessons. The students are told to solely use their methods for braising. Shun Ibusaki tries to use his own method, but was ordered to repeat the dish again.

Back in the dorm that night, everybody seems to be silent while eating dinner. Yūki started another conversation by asking if the dorm will really be closed. Everybody then talked about their memories during their stay inside, such as Fumio's entrance test, the training camp and the school festival. With talking about all of these, Yūki suddenly stands up and bursts up into tears. She says that she does not want the dorm to be demolished, along with their memories in it. They are once again saddened after they tried to comfort her.

Soma persists on challenging Etsuya

The next day, Sōma Yukihira formally challenges Etsuya into a Shokugeki. Sōma states that the Shokugeki is for himself and not for his friends, proclaiming that the dorm is the place where he further master his style of cooking.

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