Example is the 140th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

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Soma confronts Etsuya in the dorm

Sōma confronts Etsuya

Sōma Yukihira invites the Central led by Etsuya Eizan to have some tea and talk about the group's reason of abolishing the dorm. While Sōma serves tea, Megumi Tadokoro and Yūki Yoshino tell Erina Nakiri to hide until the Central members leave. Back in the dining room, Etsuya tells everyone in the dorm that having an organization within Tōtsuki Culinary Academy that is out of Central's control is a problem and must be abolished. He also hands them a document which contains a date about their departure from the dormitory.

Etsuya Eizan vs Tetsuji Kabutoyama

Etsuya and Tetsuji in a Shokugeki

Sōma asks him of an alternative decision that could change the Central's mind. Etsuya replies by challenging him into a Shokugeki. He also tells Sōma that there are requests of Shokugeki from almost every group simply to revert their decision. He also said that he can simply turn down the requests but for the sake of his colleagues, he has decided to accept them. The opponent must know the risks for challenging the Shokugeki and telling Sōma that an upcoming Shokugeki will be a "lesson" for him. Etsuya leaves the dormitory afterwards and lets Sōma's group to watch the televised battle between him and Tetsuji Kabutoyama.

Etsuya's battle against Tetsuji is indirectly watched by the whole academy. Sōma notices that Etsuya is being carefree and overconfident in his cooking and predicted something bad would be happening. The result were already displayed without the judges tasting any of the dishes. Tetsuji becomes angry with Etsuya since he realized that he has been cheated. By having the decision manipulated, Etsuya tells Sōma that there is no need for having the Shokugeki anymore.

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