Erina Goes To The Polar Star Dorm is the 138th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot Summary

Erina's backstory is revealed to the Polar Star

Sōma Yukihira meets a soaked Erina Nakiri in the outer areas of the Polar Star Dormitory as Hisako Arato, also alongside Erina, explains their situation to the latter. Meanwhile, Azami Nakiri interestingly, now aware of his daughter's escape from his mansion, refrains from executing any orders to pursue her.

At the Dorm, a heated discussion was under way as some of the residents decided against letting Erina take refuge in the Dorm, as it would cause unwanted trouble for them. For persuasion, Hisako proceeds to tell the residents about Erina's current issue with her father, as well as her past, prompting those initially against to immediately decide in favor of letting Erina stay.

Satoshi starts a banquet for Erina

As Erina finishes her bath, most of the residents are seen sobbing over hearing her past, prompting Satoshi Isshiki, one of the residents there as well, to initiate a banquet for her. The other residents followed Satoshi's idea, as they immediately went to cook dishes for Erina.

As Daigo Aoki presents his dish, Erina slates it almost instantaneously, firing Daigo to make a better dish. This was followed by some of the other residents, as they wanted the wielder of the God's Tongue to judge their dishes. Sōma offers to cook a dish as well, only to be declined by Erina.

Sōma then approaches Hisako pouting, as the latter comments on how much Erina has become gentler since they first met. Sōma downplays this statement. However, from Hisako's point of view, her perspective was based all the way back since their childhood, as she sensed an inner darkness from Erina, which was slowly diminishing over the years. Hisako then smiles and watches as the residents continue to serve her dishes. Sōma then proceeds to cook a dish as well, only to be denied again by Erina.

Azami instigates a new curriculum

As Hisako leaves the Dorm, she notes to Sōma how Erina's current situation might worsen under Azami's new order, puzzling Sōma.

The next day, Azami issues a new curriculum for Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, visually upsetting all the staff present in the meeting...

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