The Lamplight of Hope is the 137th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot SummaryEdit

Erina in a nightmare

Erina experiencing a nightmare based on her past

Erina Nakiri fell asleep and dreams of her father refining her God's Tongue by throwing a dish into the garbage bin but the latter refuses. Azami then tells that if Erina refuses then he is not needing a child like her. She awakes in distress.

After attending the Elite Ten Council meeting which Terunori Kuga notably skipped, Azami called Erina for the reason that she will be testing another set of dishes by afternoon of the next day. Erina felt alone again when Azami said she will not be entering the class she entered together with Hisako Arato.

The Nakiri cousins run away from home

Erina and co run away from the Nakiri Mansion

In another scene, Senzaemon Nakiri told Sōma Yukihira that Azami's objective ten years ago was to isolate Erina to an environment where he is the only person Erina could rely on, such as shredding all of Alice's letters from Europe.

Soma vows to impress Erina

Sōma vows to Senzaemon to make Erina praise his dish someday

Meanwhile, Alice Nakiri and Ryō Kurokiba infiltrates Erina's room by climbing up the Nakiri mansion with the intention to help Erina escape from her father's control. Hisako Arato was notably there with the two, shocking Erina even more, rousing more conviction from her. They run away from the Nakiri mansion and decide where to stay during their escape where they were caught by a sudden rainfall. In the middle of their discussion, they notice Megumi Tadokoro walking towards their direction.

At the same time, Sōma and Senzaemon stayed under a tree. Sōma said to Senzaemon that Erina's decision in the entrance test mattered to him and he does not care about her family situation as long as he meets the goal of letting Erina say his cooking is delicious.

Megumi leads the Nakiri group to the dorm

Erina and co reach the Polar Star Dormitory

Megumi meets Alice's group and tells them she heard their voices from the back of their dormitory. She then tells them to go inside, letting the group stay in the Polar Star Dormitory.

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  • When Alice explained the basics of running away, it showed a silhouette similar to Nobita Nobi from Doraemon along with the signature open lot usually seen in the series.


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