The Captive Queen is the 136th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot Summary

This chapter shows the reunion of Gin Dōjima and Jōichirō Yukihira in a foreign country. While they talked and caught up with each other's lives, a phone call from Tōtsuki shocked both of them when they found out that Azami Nakiri has become the new director.

It is shown here that Azami was a former third seat of the Elite Ten Council when he was younger and that he married into the Nakiri family. This also explores the flashback of when Erina was still a child and how her cruel "training" at the hands of her father influenced her on how she judges food and how she would dispose of dishes that does not meet her standards. This also explains why Azami Nakiri was banished from Tōtsuki by Senzaemon, for trying to brainwash his granddaughter.

In the end of the flashback, the former director bowed his head to Sōma and begged him to save Erina from her father.

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