The Central Arc is the seventh story arc of the Shokugeki no Soma series. This arc focuses on the new administration at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy as a result of Azami Nakiri becoming its new Headmaster.


Battle for Polar StarEdit

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Survivor's Purge (1st day)Edit

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Short SummaryEdit

  • Azami officially becomes the new Headmaster of Tōtsuki.
  • All research societies and seminars are shut down as a result and a new organization called Central is created instead.
  • Erina runs away from home and takes refuge in Polar Star.
    • Azami later learns that she's taking asylum there, and allows her to stay there in the meantime.
  • Polar Star Dormitory was ordered to close down.
  • Azami reveals that he was a former Polar Star Dormitory resident, the Third Seat of the Elite Ten Council under Jōichirō Saiba and Gin Dōjima.
    • Erina and Azami learn that Sōma is Jōichirō's son.
  • Satoshi Isshiki, Terunori Kuga, and Tōsuke Megishima are relieved of their positions in the Elite Ten Council
    • However, Satoshi set up a number of new rules, thus ensuring fair judgment in any future Shokugekis and starting the "Survivor's Purge".
  • Central overwhelms the opposing Research Societies with a 32-win streak on the first day of the Survivor's Purge.
  • Eishi Tsukasa defeats Sōma in a duel, though this has no consequences.
  • The 92nd Tōtsuki Generation must pass the Promotion Exams, their final hurdle before moving on to the second year.
    • Erina gives special lessons to the 92nd Generation students rebelling against Azami in order to prepare them for the Promotion Exams.

New CharactersEdit

Cooking DuelsEdit