Central (中枢美食機関 read as セントラル) was a student-run organization at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Following the victory of the Rebel Alliance at the Régiment de Cuisine, the organization is disbanded.


As a part of Azami Nakiri's reform of Tōtsuki as its new headmaster, Azami's goal was to educate all Tōtsuki students to be able to cook any kind of dish, including those that are usually reserved for Elite Ten level students. Thus Central was created as a student run organization to assist in this endeavor. Central is comprised of numerous Tōtsuki students whom Azami has chosen. Central contains 8 members of the current Elite Ten Council. Central creates and decides what dishes the students are required to make. All dishes regulated by Central must be prepared exactly as their recipe designates as the correct method. All attempts to ad lib, modify, or defy these choices results in stiff reprimanding from proctors and professors.


After the rebels led by Erina defeated Central in the Régiment de Cuisine, Central is rendered inactive. The members were afraid of being expelled but the current Elite Ten forgave them.


Former MembersEdit

Member Description Generation
Eishi Tsukasa mugshot
Eishi Tsukasa
As the former 1st seat of the Elite Ten Council, Eishi commands great respect from the students and other Elite Ten members. However, despite his title, he is incredibly pessimistic and prone to self-loathing. Nevertheless, he has the skills and tenacity to be crowned the former best student in Tōtsuki Academy.
Rindō Kobayashi mugshot
Rindō Kobayashi
One of the more socially former outgoing members of the Elite Ten Council, Rindō may not be quite as ambitious with her cooking like the others. Nevertheless, she is the former best female student in the academy and seeks to find more excitement in her last year at Tōtsuki.
Momo Akanegakubo mugshot
Momo Akanegakubo
Momo is stubborn and taciturn, usually refusing to interact with new people that she meets. Momo seems to be antisocial, as she doesn't like talking to new people, or people she deems as low/unworthy. She also is seemingly competitive, especially whenever someone implies they want to challenge her.
Sōmei Saitō mugshot
Sōmei Saitō
Sōmei lives by the code of the bushido, the way of the samurai, and incorporates it in his mannerisms. He is extremely honorable and is not above praising his opponents who show true mettle and skill.
Nene Kinokuni mugshot
Nene Kinokuni
Scion to the Kinokuni family, Nene is well versed in traditional Japanese arts. Deadpan, but wielding a sharp tongue, Nene is a soba specialist, able to create soba purely with her hands. 
Etsuya Eizan mugshot (anime)
Etsuya Eizan
With a large gang behind him, Etsuya has garnered himself a notorious reputation as a yankee. Despite being only a second year, Etsuya is a well known business consultant, helping many businesses across Japan prosper, garnering him the nickname the Alquimista.
Rentaro Kusunoki mugshot
Rentarō Kusunoki
Rentarō is very confident in his cooking skills and usually tries to provoke his opponents. He does not think highly of his underclassmen as he believes to be superior to them. Rentarō is calm and silent during cooking, however. His speciality lies in heating different ingredients.
Mea Yanai mugshot
Mea Yanai
Shigemichi Kumai mugshot
Shigemichi Kumai
Rui Kofuru mugshot
Rui Kofuru
Julio Shiratsu mugshot
Julio Shiratsu
Shōko Kaburagi mugshot
Shōko Kaburagi

Temporary MembersEdit

Member Description Generation
Akira Hayama mugshot (anime)
Akira Hayama
Akira is a master of spices and the former champion of the Shiomi Seminar. After the seminars were disbanded, he was coerced into joining Central by Azami in order to secure Shiomi's research. However, after his loss against Sōma in the Promotion Exams, he lost his spot in Central alongside being expelled from the academy.
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