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The Bishoku Leading Under-25 Entrance, or commonly known as the BLUE (ブルー Burū), is a world youth cooking championship where young chefs from all over the world gather and compete against each other.


The BLUE held in Japan

Participants are selected by invitation only and gather in culinary capitals like Paris or Milan to display their skills. Being nominated is prestige enough, but victory guarantees a lifetime of culinary stardom. While traditionally the BLUE is just a tournament of gourmet cuisine, the one shown in the series played out a little differently, with the challenges being presented at different gates, and the fact that noir chefs were allowed to attend.[1]


Tōtsuki Culinary Academy
Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime).png Erina Nakiri mugshot (anime).png Megumi Tadokoro mugshot (anime).png Takumi Aldini mugshot (anime).png Eishi Tsukasa mugshot.png
Sōma Yukihira Erina Nakiri Megumi Tadokoro Takumi Aldini Eishi Tsukasa

Les Cuisiniers Noirs
Ashai (Anime Version).png Sarge mugshot.jpg Don Calma mugshot.png Kou Shiou.png
Asahi Saiba Sarge Don Calma Kou Shiō

First Gate

At the first gate, the competitors were split up into 3 different challenges, each one just as unorthodox as the last. Sōma Yukihira's group had to prepare a last meal for a former noir chef. Takumi Aldini's group had to prepare a baby's first solid food, they weren't allowed to use ingredients that could cause allergies. And Megumi Tadokoro's group had to make a dish that both pets and pet owners would love.

Second Gate

At the second gate, the challenge was to create a dish that would be worth over a hundred dollars, about 10,000 yen, using only ingredients that could be found in a convenience store. Many of the light chefs were freaking out over the fact that there were no gourmet ingredients present in the store. However, Eishi Tsukasa, who was given a pass to the gate, Sōma, Takumi, and Megumi, along with the dark chefs, were able to create a dish that met the requirements.

Third Gate

At the third gate, the challenge was simply to create a dish using beef tenderloin, that the judges approved. The challenging part came from Sarge going first, which set the bar pretty high, and the other chefs had to own up to it. Most of them failed, with Sōma, Megumi, Takumi, and Eishi being the only light chefs to have passed.



Culinary Theme Participants Result

Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Sarge mugshot.jpg

Soma Yukihira Wins
Young Chicken Meat

Eishi Tsukasa mugshot.png Versus logo.png Ashai (Anime Version).png

Asahi Saiba Wins
Teamwork Cooking

Takumi Aldini mugshot (anime).png Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Don Calma mugshot.png Drag queen.png

Takumi Aldini & Soma Yukihira Wins

Erina Nakiri mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Les Cuisiniers Noirs.png

Erina Nakiri Wins

Erina Nakiri mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Takumi Aldini mugshot (anime).png

Erina Nakiri Wins
Meals in a Flash

Megumi Tadokoro mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Kou Shiou.png

Megumi Tadokoro Wins
Bargain Meat

Megumi Tadokoro mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Ashai (Anime Version).png

Asahi Saiba Wins
Fusion of 5 Dishes

Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Ashai (Anime Version).png

Soma Yukihira Wins
A Dish Never Before Seen on Earth

Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime).png Versus logo.png Erina Nakiri mugshot (anime).png

Erina Nakiri Wins


  • Only in the anime, there was held a special competition between the students of Tōtsuki, done to determine who would compete in the prestigious BLUE.[2]