Autumn Moon's Chance Encounter is an OVA episode for the anime series Shokugeki no Soma. It mainly follows everyone's vacation after completing their Stagiaire. The episode was released alongside the limited edition version of Volume 24.

Plot Summary

As a thank you for Megumi's help, the small Japanese inn Megumi did her Stagiare at invites her and her friends for a complimentary stay, where they are free to enjoy the food and hot springs. Unbeknownst to the group, Erina, Hisako, and Alice are also planning to stay at the inn at the same time. While they are enjoying their stay, one of the cooks sprains his back: the group quickly springs into action by preparing dinner for the other guests, not knowing it is their fellow classmates. Erina offers the meal high praise, lifting Megumi's spirits. Later, Erina and Megumi have a chance encounter at the springs, where Megumi realizes Erina was the one who complimented their efforts.

Soma, Akira, and Ryō, upon hearing the area is good for fishing, try to hold a fishing competition as a re-match of the Tōtsuki Autumn Election Finals, with the ultimate goal being to catch "The River's Master," a massive fish. Soma ends up catching the River's Master on his bait, but the giant fish proves stronger than anticipated and ends up dragging the three of them over a waterfall. Akira ultimately wins again, as he did in the Autumn Elections, but only because he managed to catch a tiny fish (which he notes does not feel like a victory).

Takumi hears about the fishing competition and mistakes it for a Shokugeki, and spends the entire day looking for Soma through the nearby forests so he is not left out.

In a post-credits omake, the events of the first couple of episodes are recapped in an extremely crude animation style by the characters in a meta manner.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This episode provides background to Megumi's skill as a ping pong player, the "Hopping Hare," a detail introduced in the manga at the start of the Tōtsuki Autumn Election Arc but removed in the corresponding episodes – this episode adapts the brief reference via Megumi's match with Satoshi.


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