Asahi Saiba

Asahi Saiba (才波 朝陽(さいば あさひ), Saiba Asahi?) is an underground chef who instigated the recent invasion against Erina's administration. He was a disciple of Jōichirō Yukihira.


Asahi is a handsome young man, likely in his early twenties. He has a slim build, with messy dark hair. He is usually seen wearing a striped dress shirt under a sweater vest. When cooking, he wears a dark chief uniform, a dark color bandanna around his neck and a newsboy cap.


Asahi has a fairly laid-back demeanor at casual instances, treating his first class lecture as more of a get together party rather than a traditional lesson. He is considered very charming and charisma by most people, making him quite poplar with women. He even managed to earn the loyalty of a few highly capable Noir chefs as well. However, Asahi is also very arrogant about himself, especially his immense cooking abilities. He firmly believes that he's the only person who can satisfied Erina and Mana's God Tongue. Before he faces someone, he would usually taunt them into wagering their prized cooking knife so he can add them to his collection.


Asahi grew up in a poor neighborhood in northern America. His only family was his alcoholic and abusive mother. When he was seven, his mother died, leaving him in an orphanage.

Jōichirō Yukihira treated Asahi, whom he happened to meet on his travels, like his own child. Asahi would then subsequently meet with Jōichirō every time the latter visited America, coming to see Jōichirō as his own father.

When Asahi was 15, Jōichirō's wife died, forcing Jōichirō to return to Japan to raise his biological son Sōma.


He later infiltrated Tōtsuki by disguising as a professor under the alias of Suzuki. He declared a Shokugeki against Sōma in which he won. During the first night of the three-day Second Year End-of-Term Exams, he revealed his identity to a bound Erina along with his fellow Midnight Chefs. Goading her with the prospect of winning BLUE, he had her agree to marry him should she lose to him in the competition.


Cooking Style

Similar to Subaru Mimasaka, Asahi cannot be pinned down to a distinct cooking style, as his cooking is based heavily on his "Cross Knives" ability. However, he is considered one of the greatest chefs of the current generation, being feared and respected among the Light and Noir chefs. Two of his most noticeable accomplishment are defeating Joichiro, a world class chef and causing Mana Nakiri stripping pulse to reach Bestowing levels, despite her being unable to stomach food. Senzamon Nakiri further commented on this, saying that not even he has managed to accomplish this feat before.


  • Cross Knives - Asahi has a superhuman ability to increase his skill by absorbing the essence contained within cooking tools used by other chefs if he wins the tools through competition or if they are willingly given to him to use. While is unclear whether he retains the abilities of other chefs when he is not using their tools, the Cross Knives ability gives him an exceptional and flexible range of culinary ability. The number of chefs he has defeated only amplifies his natural power.


  • Tonkatsu with Creme Chantilly:
  • Batter-Fried Chicken with Boudin Noir:

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Asahi Saiba Vs. Jōichirō Yukihira
Asahi Saiba Vs. Sōma Yukihira


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