Anne (アン, An?) is a first class bookman for the WGO and was selected to be as an impartial judge for the Régiment de Cuisine between Central and the rebels.


Anne has long, dark, flowing hair that extends to her knees. Her outfit consists of a white, frilly, long sleeve top, a dark layered skirt with white frill accents, and black slippers.


Anne has a slight mischievous and condescending personality, openly teasing Sōma after looking up that his family restaurant was not in the WGO's records. However, as a judge she values making an impartial decision only after tasting the dish. To that end, she openly told the Central students to cease their ridicule and encouraged Sōma to present his dish forward. Anne also has near eidetic memory, being able to recall any information written in the WGO's past volumes with an encyclopedic degree of precision. Still, she could not properly say the "proof is in the pudding" idiom without having to consult one of her books.

Anne also has an extremely low alcohol tolerance, getting drunk after only having a small cup of sake made by Ryōko Sakaki, though its implied by Ryōko that the sake wasn't diluted enough and thus wasn't fit for consumption. According to her fellow WGO judges, her tasting abilities actually becomes stronger while she is drunk.


While not much is known about Anne's history, we do know that she was trained to be a WGO bookman by Decora and Courage.


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