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The Jewels Generation's Top 9

The 92nd Tōtsuki Generation (遠月学園第92期生, Tōtsuki gakuen dai 92-kisei) is the current second-year class at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. At the start of the series, they were originally the first-years of the academy until Chapter 264.

This generation has also been dubbed as the "Jewels" Generation (『玉』の世代 , "Gyoku" no sedai) by Senzaemon Nakiri ever since the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election, due to the number of prodigies it contains. According to Azami Nakiri, Senzaemon himself handpicked a majority of the notable students in this Tōtsuki generation.

Class Size ChangesEdit

Throughout the story, the class size of the 92nd Generation dwindled as they participated in more and more whittling events and class assignments. The following are timestamps of the class size.

  • Chapter 4 - Approximately 1000 students at the start of the academic year.
  • Chapter 14 - 980 students at the start of the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp, dropping to 98% of the students remaining.
  • Chapter 33 - 628 students at the end of the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp, dropping to 62.8% of the class remaining.
  • Chapter 116 - 504 students at the start of the Stagiaire, dropping to just over half of the students remaining.
  • Chapter 117 - 294 students at the end of the Stagiaire, dropping to just over a quarter of the original class.

Notable StudentsEdit

Note: Characters are listed in order of debut in the manga.

Name Description
Sōma Yukihira mugshot 2Sōma Yukihira
The newest and only transfer student into the high school level of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Hailing from the Sumiredōri Shopping District, Sōma is an unorthodox chef, specializing in the original cooking style, Yukihira Style, which was invented by his father, Jōichirō Yukihira. Due to his infamous ambitious speech during the 92nd High School Opening Ceremony, many of his classmates have sought him out to prove that they are the one who will stand at the top of Tōtsuki. Towards the end of his first year, Sōma became the 1st Seat of the Elite Ten Council.
Erina Nakiri mugshot (anime)Erina Nakiri
The former 10th Seat of the Elite Ten Council, granddaughter of the former director of Tōtsuki, Senzaemon Nakiri, and wielder of the best palette of the world, "God's Tongue". Erina is widely considered the top prospect of the 92nd Generation. Despite her young age, Erina is an infamous figure in the culinary world as any dish she deems unacceptable will spell the end for a chef's career. After Central's downfall, she was appointed as the new Director under the suggestions of Sōma Yukihira and her grandfather, Senzaemon Nakiri.
Hisako Arato mugshot (anime)Hisako Arato
The daughter of the famous Arato family, Hisako is a Medicinal Cooking expert. From a young age, she was acquainted with Erina and became her closest ally and friend. She serves as Erina's secretary.
Megumi Tadokoro mugshot (anime)Megumi Tadokoro
A meek and polite Tōhoku native. Megumi was considered a weak student due to her lack of confidence and performance anxiety, resulting in low grades. She was initially considered the student most likely to fail out of Tōtsuki. Thanks to Sōma's help and encouragement, Megumi's skill has drastically improved and has become the underdog of the class. She has no particular style or forte, but her cooking evokes the feelings of her hometown and is filled with hospitality towards the eater.
Zenji Marui mugshot (anime)Zenji Marui
A resident of the Polar Star Dormitory. He is one of the smartest students of this generation, but his performance is hindered by his poor stamina. Despite being only a first year Tōtsuki student, he is the ace of the Miyazato Seminar. His cooking is founded upon extensive knowledge of thousands of cooking literature and novels.
Yūki Yoshino mugshot (anime)Yūki Yoshino
A resident of the Polar Star Dormitory. She has a spunky, typical teenage charm and tries her best to keep the entire 92nd Generation Polar Star residents in the school. Yūki specializes in wild game such as deer and chicken.
Shun Ibusaki mugshot (anime)Shun Ibusaki
A resident of the Polar Star Dormitory. Unlike his quirkier fellow Polar Star residents, Shun is a silent and enigmatic student who tends to keep things to himself and speaks rather bluntly. Shun specializes in smoke cooking.
Ryōko Sakaki mugshot (anime)Ryōko Sakaki
A resident of the Polar Star Dormitory. Ryōko is the daughter of the owners of the Sakaki Kōji General Goods Store and specializes in Kōji, a specific type of Japanese fermented rice used as a basis for many of the Japanese cuisine dishes. She has a big sister type personality, attracting the affections of her male classmates and causing her female classmates to treat her like a big sister.
Daigo Aoki mugshot (anime)Daigo Aoki
A resident of the Polar Star Dormitory. A hot blooded student, Daigo is always seen together with Shōji. He may look rough around the edges, but he is fiercely loyal to his fellow Polar Star residents, defending them at the insults of other students and supporting them from the sidelines at major competitions
Shōji Satō mugshot (anime)Shōji Satō
A resident of the Polar Star Dormitory. A hot blooded student, Shōji is always seen together with Daigo. He may look rough around the edges, but he is fiercely loyal to his fellow Polar Star residents, defending them at the insults of other students and supporting them from the sidelines at major competitions.
Ikumi Mito mugshot (anime)Ikumi Mito
The scion for the Mito company, Ikumi is a master of meat, mostly beef. Formerly an enforcer for Erina, she lost all ties from her when she lost a Shokugeki against Sōma. As a result of the Shokugeki, Ikumi became a member of the Don RS and became an invaluable ally to Sōma.
Urara Kawashima mugshot (anime)Urara Kawashima
Tōtsuki's renowned idol. Though she has never been shown cooking, Urara often emcees most of the school events including Shokugekis and school festivals.
Takumi Aldini mugshot 2Takumi Aldini
The self-proclaimed rival of Sōma. Takumi hails from Florence, Italy and worked for his uncle's restaurant Trattoria Aldini until he recommended that they test their skills at Tōtsuki. Takumi is an Italian cuisine expert and sees Sōma as his greatest rival in the Academy.
Isami Aldini mugshot (anime)Isami Aldini
Takumi's younger twin brother and his sous chef. Like his brother, Isami hails from Florence, Italy, where he worked for his uncle's restaurant until he was sent to Tōtsuki with his brother. Isami assists Takumi in his endeavors but usually laughs at his brother whenever Takumi messes up.
Alice Nakiri mugshot (anime)Alice Nakiri
Erina's Danish cousin who specializes in molecular gastronomy. Cunning and wise-cracking, Alice is Erina's rival and shows interest in Sōma's interesting personality and cooking style while attempting to humble Sōma and dethrone her cousin as the top prospect.
Ryō Kurokiba mugshot (anime)Ryō Kurokiba
Alice's assistant who is normally lazy and passive. However, once he wears his signature headband, he becomes a much more aggressive and intense person. Former head chef of a local Danish pub, Ryō was "rescued" off the streets of Northern Europe after his first encounter with Alice. Since then, Ryō accompanies Alice wherever she goes as her assistant. His cooking forte is seafood, with all kinds of fishes and crustaceans, primarily lobsters, as his main ingredient.
Miyoko Hōjō mugshot (anime)Miyoko Hōjō
Hailing from a renowned Chinese restaurant in Yokohama, Japan, Miyoko believes that women also can achieve greatness as men. She specializes in Chinese cuisine and is incredibly physically strong. She shows special interest in Megumi after hearing rumors about her Shokugeki during the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training.
Nao Sadatsuka mugshot (anime)Nao Sadatsuka
Erina's stalker who fantasizes being in a masochistic relationship with her. Hisako is her biggest rival and her biggest obstacle between Erina and herself. She specializes in boiling dishes which resembles witchcraft when she cooks. Though her dishes tend to have putrid smell, they are surprisingly delicious. After her defeat in the 43rd Autumn Election preliminaries, she developed affections for Hisako as well.
Akira Hayama mugshot (anime)Akira Hayama
A curry and spice expert whose nose can detect minute changes in his cooking solely off of aroma alone. Working as an assistant for the Spice Expert on campus, Jun Shiomi, Hayama was considered the person to beat in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election and won it in the end.
Takumi Ishiwatari mugshot (anime)Takumi Ishiwatari
A participant in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election, but his dish was considered inferior by a large margin compared to the other standouts in the Preliminaries.
Yua Sasaki mugshot (anime)Yua Sasaki
A timid student, Yua is an emcee of important events in Tōtsuki. Her shy personality is the complete opposite of Urara Kawashima.
Madoka Enomoto mugshot (anime)Madoka Enomoto
A member of the Miyazato Seminar and a fan of Zenji.
Subaru Mimasaka mugshot (anime)Subaru Mimasaka
A skilled stalker with the ability to mimic anyone's cooking style or forte. Subaru has the ability to emulate anyone and take their dishes a step further, improving them to a higher degree. Up until the Autumn Election, Subaru held an impressive 100 Shokugeki win streak until he was eventually defeated by Sōma. Like Ikumi, Subaru has since become an ally of Sōma.


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