Autumn Election Arena Exterior (anime)

The 43rd Annual Autumn Election

The 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election (第43回秋の選抜 Dai Yonjusan Kai Aki no Senbatsu) was the Tōtsuki Autumn Election held for the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation.

Notable Preliminary ParticipantsEdit

Block AEdit

Block A
Akira Hayama mugshot (anime) Ikumi Mito mugshot (anime) Ryō Kurokiba mugshot (anime) Ryōko Sakaki mugshot (anime) Shun Ibusaki mugshot (anime)
Akira Hayama Ikumi Mito Ryō Kurokiba Ryōko Sakaki Shun Ibusaki
Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime) Subaru Mimasaka mugshot (anime) Zenji Marui mugshot (anime)
Sōma Yukihira Subaru Mimasaka Zenji Marui

Block BEdit

Block B
Alice Nakiri mugshot (anime) Hisako Arato mugshot (anime) Takumi Aldini mugshot (anime) Megumi Tadokoro mugshot (anime) Miyoko Hōjō mugshot (anime)
Alice Nakiri Hisako Arato Takumi Aldini Megumi Tadokoro Miyoko Hōjō
Isami Aldini mugshot (anime) Nao Sadatsuka mugshot (anime) Yūki Yoshino mugshot (anime) Takumi Ishiwatari mugshot (anime)
Isami Aldini Nao Sadatsuka Yuki Yoshino Takumi Ishiwatari


Preliminary RoundEdit

Block AEdit

Block A
Natsume Sendawara mugshot (anime) Makito Minatozaka mugshot (anime) Shigenoshin Kōda mugshot (anime) Block A Judge 1 mugshot (anime) Block A Judge 2 mugshot (anime)
Natsume Sendawara Makito Minatozaka Shigenoshin Kōda Unnamed Judge 1 Unnamed Judge 2

Block BEdit

Block B
Orie Sendawara mugshot (anime) Osaji Kita mugshot (anime) Shingo Andō mugshot (anime) Block B Judge 1 mugshot (anime) Block B Judge 2 mugshot (anime)
Orie Sendawara Osaji Kita Shingo Andō Unnamed Judge 1 Unnamed Judge 2

Main TournamentEdit


Senzaemon Nakiri mugshot (anime) Kakinoshin Ōizumi (anime) Seishū Saotome mugshot (anime) Quarterfinals Judge 1 mugshot (anime) Quarterfinals Judge 2 mugshot (anime)
Senzaemon Nakiri Kakinoshin Ōizumi Seishū Saotome Unnamed Judge 1 Unnamed Judge 2


Gin Dōjima mugshot (anime) Fuyumi Mizuhara mugshot (anime) Hinako Inui mugshot (anime) Taki Tsunozaki mugshot (anime) Sonoka Kikuchi mugshot (anime)
Gin Dōjima Fuyumi Mizuhara Hinako Inui Taki Tsunozaki Sonoka Kikuchi


Senzaemon Nakiri mugshot (anime) Gin Dōjima mugshot (anime) Leonora Nakiri mugshot (anime)
Senzaemon Nakiri Gin Dōjima Leonora Nakiri


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Preliminary RoundEdit

Below is the score table of the Preliminaries. Each block had 30 students each but only the students below were featured. From both blocks, the four highest scoring students qualified for the main tournament, with a total of 8 participants in the end.

Preliminary Scores
Rankings Block A Dish Rankings Block B Dish
Akira Hayama 94 Naan Pot Pie Curry
Alice Nakiri 95 Thermal Sense Curry
Sōma Yukihira 93 Curry Risotto Omurice
Hisako Arato 92 Mutton Meat Shimotsu-to Curry
Ryō Kurokiba 93 French Curry Lobster Rice with Cognac
Takumi Aldini 90 Naporitan Curry Fettuccine
Subaru Mimasaka 91 Unknown Curry Dish
Megumi Tadokoro 88 Goosefish Dobu-Jiru Curry
Shun Ibusaki 88 Special Smoked Curry
Isami Aldini 87 Curry Bread Calzone
Zenji Marui 88 White Potage Curry Udon
Miyoko Hōjō 87 Pineapple Fried Curry Rice
Ikumi Mito 86 Dongpo Pork Curry Don
Yūki Yoshino 86 Duck Cutlet Curry
Ryōko Sakaki 86 Curry Soy-Natto Rice
Nao Sadatsuka 84 Jet Black Curry Laksa

Main TournamentEdit

  • Characters in bold are the winners or participants advancing to the next round of that respective match.

Final ResultEdit

Akira Hayama won the Autumn Election. Sōma Yukihira and Ryō Kurokiba are tied to second place.


  • Megumi Tadokoro was the only person in the preliminaries to place in the top 8 without a score of 90 points or above. She scored an 88, the lowest score of among the 8 finalists.
  • Subaru Mimasaka was the only named person in the preliminaries whose curry dish was not shown.
  • All of the Semifinal qualifiers for the Autumn Election have similar traits.
    • All 4 are from Block A in the Preliminary Round.
    • All 4 are male.
    • All 4 wear dark colored cooking attire.
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