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To celebrate the Summer vacation season, or just an excuse for an upcoming fan service episode, Saikyo no Recipe has released some new Summer time swimsuit cards of your favorite female characters.

There are two ways to get the cards, SSR Erina, SR Nikumi and Takodora, and R Ryoko can be obtained by summoning. Meanwhile, there is a new set of battles which you can win a SR Alice or R Yuki.

You can win Yuki pretty easily from the first two levels, but the last level is a nightmare. At least it is for me. I didn't show it in this video, but they end up scoring like 100k per section and end up around 300k, 600k, and I'm not even sure about the 3rd round because I never get to that point... I actually believe you might be able to grind the first two levels and maybe get SR Alice but at a way lower percent chance.

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