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I figured out how to use my fodder characters to level up my main crew. In the character menu(click on the chef hat), pick the 4th option down, then pick all the fodder units you don't want, then the big yellow button to sell, it will ask to confirm, click the green button. Once you've sold them, you'll be given gold and exp points to distribute.

Go back to the character menu, pick option 3 down, then choose which character you want to level up. You can choose either 1, 5, or the big button to the right of it to max out. If you have enough exp points to do it, the big gold button below will light up and let you click it.

Once you've done that, if the character is max level, you can go back into the character menu, and choose the 5th row left button to upgrade the character. If you've got the right amount of materials to do so, they will be selectable.

Okay, now that is out of the way, I actually collected 20 stars and did a first timer mini summon. This is apparently a one time thing and is actually pretty nice, 7 summons for 20 stars versus 1 for 5. I got 2 SR's and 5 R's. Probably going to hold on to the original SR's I pulled since they are upgraded, and plow through Chapter 5.

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